Our Academy is relatively young in age, we are currently heading in to our 5th year.  As such we are mainly concentrating on the younger players and focusing on softball cricket at present, although we are able to offer one to one sessions for more experienced, hardball players.

Sorry but registration is now closed for 2018.

We want to make sure that every young player, irrespective of ability, has an enjoyable cricketing experience at Wickham Park CC, and is able to achieve their playing potential.

During the summer of 2017 the Academy will be running a 10 week course for children 3/4 & 8+ years (see our All Stars Page for ages 5-8).    The first of these is a free taster session and if your child enjoys the session and wishes to continue then the remaining nine weeks will cost £40 for your first child, siblings receive a 50% discount.   Individual session fees are £5.00, per child.

Due to the popularity of our sessions we currently coach two age groups.

3-6 years & 8+

All our coaches are fully qualified and accredited by the ECBCA.  This adds enormously to our coaching capacity at the Club and our awareness of latest best practice, and will help us to take the next steps towards becoming a genuine centre of excellence in the region.

The course is designed to cover all cricketing abilities but will mainly focus on the ABC’S of cricket; Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed.  In cricketing terms this will involve running, jumping, throwing, catching, bowling and hitting the ball with a cricket bat.  The course is open to both boys and girls.

All relevant equipment will be provided by WPCC so all your child needs is appropriate clothing i.e. training shoes, tracksuit trousers/top, t-shirt, sun hat.

It is also sensible to provide a water bottle (plain old water is best) and sun cream (please note that coaches will not apply sun cream).

Ultimately, we hope that you enjoy cricket at Wickham Park, that you feel at home in the Clubhouse and grounds, and that you can go on and play in the senior cricket teams. We hope that by navigating the webpages of the Academy you will find all you need to know about applying to join us, who to make contact with, and what to expect over the course of the season. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Weekly session fees are £5.00 per session following the first taster session (only payable by those not fully enrolled).