Quiz Night Friday 1st October

Life is slowly coming back to normal. The first WP Sports Club quiz since the onset of pandemic restrictions proved a great success, with 44 participants from all sections of the Club. It was good to see such a mix of members enjoying our facilities again. The new tables and chairs, funded by the 75 Club, were given a welcome first airing.

Who knew -

              that the boat in Captain Pugwash was called .............?

              the connection between Ernie Els and New Orleans?

              the name of the Department Store in "Are you being served?"

The most contentious question was the name of the Chocolate associated with the phrase "melts in your mouth and not in your hands" Was it Minstrels, M&Ms or Treets? As always the Quizmeister is never wrong.

After a deduction for snacks and prizes, the princely sum of £140 was contributed to Club funds and the Bar Manager was kept busy. 

The next quiz is scheduled on Friday 3rd. December, 8.00 for 8.30pm and we hope to see you there.

                                                          Answers: the Black Pig, the Big Easy, Grace Brothers, M&Ms