Retirement of the Club President

After 60 years at the Club, Peter Humphrey has reluctantly decided to hang up his boots. He first came to WPSC in the early 1960’s to play tennis rather than cricket but a surprise invitation to join the Cricket tour in 1981, convinced him that he could play both sports. At the time he was Sports Club Chairman and his experience and contacts in both sports gained him the respect of the whole Club. He was well known in Kent for bowling a nagging line and length and regularly took wickets as batsmen thought they could take him on. More recently he has been a vital part of the Kent O60 and O70 teams as well as turning out regularly for the Club 2nd XI. On his final day he said: “Over the 40 years since I have such a store of fantastic memories linked to the hundreds of playing colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of competing with. If I have to pick one moment it was when we won our division of the North Kent League in 1992. We were playing our last game against the only club that could beat us to the title. Two balls from the end they needed 4 runs with 9 wickets down. Brian Greenin bowled a long hop, the batsman skied it & I was under it on the mid wicket boundary & thankfully held on to it!” In his last game for the Club he managed to take two wickets, a successful end to a wonderful career. The Club wishes him a long and happy retirement. Well done Peter!